Delete Oculus

How to delete an Oculus account

Here's the link to the official deletion process.

Log in to access ‘My Privacy Centre’. This lets you:

The deletion button is at the bottom of the page.

Delete Oculus Account

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Facebook owns Oculus and a Facebook account is now required. 🤢 If you'd like to investigate Facebook account deletion, visit

The account deletion process

Once you've pressed delete you will permanently lose access to your Oculus account.

Make sure you have everything you need from your account prior to deletion.

Remember to delete the Oculus app from your devices.

What happens to your data?

It takes up to 90 days to delete your data. The provided explanation is that it takes time to flush backup copies.

Deletion does not affect information that other users have about you. Copies of messages you have sent will remain accessible to anyone you've interacted with.

Why delete your account?

Facebook owns Oculus.

At the very least the types of decisions that have led to Facebook's privacy concerns now extend to Oculus.

Never trust a platform like Facebook to put privacy ahead of profit.

Privacy implications

You need to be able to trust your VR hardware and OS. It is the most intimate form of human-computer interaction yet created. The opportunities for tracking are scarily open-ended.

Oculus is a Facebook-owned company. As a result its social service is now built on Facebook's technologies, which in turn are built to monetise social data via advertising.

The decision to buy Oculus for $2 billion was to ensure that Facebook could be on top of social VR. Oculus was not the first questionable aquisition that Facebook has made.

The future of social VR

It's not just a privacy concern. If Facebook builds out social VR and subsequently dominates, alternatives will struggle to afford to compete.

Facebook has ploughed a lot of money into VR research which is great for adoption, but leads us down a tricky path.

VR startups would be working against the same problems that have dogged Facebook's competitors in standard social apps.

VR has the potential to change the world.

Facebook owning a large portion of that future with their track record? Not a good idea.